Sunday, January 31, 2010

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Do you have ARTITUDE?

Spoiled Rockin' introduces "Kreative Kidz Klasses". These are various themed creative sessions throughout the year. Kidz will be working with a wide range of mediums to include, but not limited too painting classes, modeling clay sculpture, jewelry making, accessory creation, and tie dye fun. Kidz will leave with a completed rockin' project and an inspired mind!
Our first two sessions will be February 15th at 10am and 2pm. The 10am session is entitled "Lil Lady" and girls will leave with a completed 8*10 canvass painting of a cute, heart themed ladybug. This color palette will be vast with pink, pink, and more pink!
The 2pm session is called "Luv Bugs and Tree Hugs" Girls and Boys are welcome in this session; they will be completing an 8*10 canvass of butterflies and caterpillars. In bold fun colors.
Children must be 5 years of age to participate OR a mature 3 or 4 years old with an adult assistant. Sessions are $25.00 and must be prepaid when making reservation. Space is VERY limited to call us today (489-6300) to make your reservation or for more information!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

My Lil Pokemon Man!

Yesterday was a wonderfully kaotic day in the salon and we had the pleasure of meeting a little guy named Jameyson Waits. He has to be my favorite customer thus far, he was soooo cute. For such a tiny guy (3 years old) he had a HUGE personality. He had never had a haircut before and had a head full of blond shaggy locks to show for it. Jameyson looked like he belonged on a beach with a surf board. As soon as I welcomed him he informed me that he was here to get a haircut and had a picture in his hand. He slid the picture over the reception desk and let me know this is what he wanted. It was a computer downloaded image of a little boy with super short, spiky hair. As I looked up at his dad to make sure he was okay with this, I was SHOCKED his parents were comfortable with him going with such a dramatic change. Most parents we see are super conservative and very reluctant to change when it comes to their little boy's haircuts (much more so then the little girls), but I also knew (just by meeting Jameyson for a few minutes) this little man was probably VERY convincing once he set his mind to something.
I asked him why he wanted to cut his hair so bad and he simply replied (as if I should have already known) "I want to look like Pokemon"! It was precious....
Mrs. Tonia grabbed a quick before picture, gave Jameyson exactly the haircut he wanted, topped it off with Jameyson's request of red AND black hair ink, and shot an after photo. His certificate was perfect. It captured his awesome personality and made a lot of people smile.
Thanks so much to both of his parents for sharing this memory with me and my staff; I know we will NEVER forget it. We hope to see you guys again in the future.
-Mrs Jessyca and the SRK Family