Friday, April 30, 2010

Mommy N Me Kreative Kidz Klass

Kreative Kidz Klasses at Spoiled Rockin' Kidz Salon are hott hott hott!!! These are 2 hour sessions of kraziness where our spoiled rockers get to be the miniature Picasso's in a fun and funky environment. Each klass we use different mediums and styles; the kidz leave with their very own masterpiece and a kreatively inspired mind. The kidz light up when their works are complete. They are always so proud to leave with their very own work of art. Most of the time they already have a special place to hang them or a special person to give it to. This Summer most klasses are on Thursdays at 10am and 5pm, with a few exceptions.

We are starting off the Summer schedule with a Mommy N' Me painting. Mother and child will be completing a painting of a moma and baby owl on a tree. There are two available sessions, May 2nd at 2pm (almost sold out), and May 4th at 4pm! You can share an 11*14 canvass for $30.00 or do individual canvasses to hang next to each other for $20.00 each (this is also a great option for mothers with multiple children). We have a feminine color pallet and a masculine pallet, using bows for girls and mohawks for boys. Complimentary photo of mommy and child is included!!! BECOME A FOLLOWER OF THIS BLOG AND RECEIVE $5.00 OFF YOUR MOMMY N' ME SESSION!!!

Also around the corner are dance recitals. We have a sweet session called "TuTu Cute" children will be painting a large, flat canvass using a real tutu and fancy ribbon to hang. What a great recital gift or way to celebrate a great dance year with your dance buddies.

Every session has a twist..for example "Fany Feet" girls will be creating a flip flop piece and painting their toes while their canvasses dry, "Jelly Bean Tree" we will be serving funky jelly beans, "Ice Cream Dreams" we will eat Sundays to inspire our works of art, etc.

Here is a sneak peak at things to come, but a full Summer schedule is available online at and click on the events tab at the top.

Space is limited and reservations are required. Call or email today for more info or for more details 489-6300, or

Monday, April 5, 2010

Olivia's Big, Big Night!

So we have this loyal client, Olivia Hutchinson. She is such a little doll! Her birthday was coming up and nothing short of the best for her would do. Her mom booked her "OHH LA LA LIMO ROCKSTAR PARTY" a couple of months ahead and the party was completely stress-free for her. Our limo parties usually consist of a stretch limo, but it was prom weekend and the only available limo in Huntsville was an upgrade to the luxurious Excursion stretch. Poor Olivia, I just hated to break it to her that she would have to deal with the awesome upgrade. Ha, ha!
All the girls were sooo cute and the bar was set for my own daughter's up coming birthday when she saw the pictures. Thanks Mrs. Hutchinson for sharing in such a special day in your little girl's life!!!