Wednesday, September 12, 2012

As I was working my normal day yesterday (kinda down with it being 9/11) a song "Smile" came over my Pandora station. It immediately lifted my spirits and got me to thinking, "how could I make these heroes smile and show my appreciate for such selfless careers?" I decided in that moment I needed to do something to show my personal gratitude to some of our everyday heroes. If it weren't for the bravery and sacrifice of police officers, nurses, firemen, paramedics, Hemsi drivers, etc the events of Sept. 11, 2001 would have been even more tragic to our unstoppable nation. People in these types of professions don't risk their lives for the money (we all know they are incredibly underpaid) but yet for their love of public service and giving back to our communities. 

We are giving away Silver Celebration Party Packages for 6 kids for only $150.00. These packages can be themed, Princess, Rockstar, or Spa, appealing to all age groups. Included in the Silver Celebrations are the following:
-postcard invites -hair dooz and make up for all guest -themed dress up -personalized runway show -cupcakes -drinks -all paper products -private, decorated party room time -glitter tattoo for birthday guest of honor
Click Silver Celebration Package to see the formal listing.

Rules and Regulations:
-a deposit of $50 must be paid by Saturday, September 15th at 5pm (reservations may be made in person, via email at or by phone at 256-489-6300
-celebration must take place by April 30, 2013
-this is a saving of $45, however if you prefer a party package of greater value than the Silver Package an automatic $50 will be taken off any of our other party packages valued at $200+ visit Spoiled Rockin' Party Page for a full listing of our current celebration options
-package includes 6 kids and additional children may be added on for $15 (this is a $10 savings per child)
-proof of employment is required

I hope these packages can bring many families who give so much to us a little reason to SMILE!