Wednesday, September 12, 2012

As I was working my normal day yesterday (kinda down with it being 9/11) a song "Smile" came over my Pandora station. It immediately lifted my spirits and got me to thinking, "how could I make these heroes smile and show my appreciate for such selfless careers?" I decided in that moment I needed to do something to show my personal gratitude to some of our everyday heroes. If it weren't for the bravery and sacrifice of police officers, nurses, firemen, paramedics, Hemsi drivers, etc the events of Sept. 11, 2001 would have been even more tragic to our unstoppable nation. People in these types of professions don't risk their lives for the money (we all know they are incredibly underpaid) but yet for their love of public service and giving back to our communities. 

We are giving away Silver Celebration Party Packages for 6 kids for only $150.00. These packages can be themed, Princess, Rockstar, or Spa, appealing to all age groups. Included in the Silver Celebrations are the following:
-postcard invites -hair dooz and make up for all guest -themed dress up -personalized runway show -cupcakes -drinks -all paper products -private, decorated party room time -glitter tattoo for birthday guest of honor
Click Silver Celebration Package to see the formal listing.

Rules and Regulations:
-a deposit of $50 must be paid by Saturday, September 15th at 5pm (reservations may be made in person, via email at or by phone at 256-489-6300
-celebration must take place by April 30, 2013
-this is a saving of $45, however if you prefer a party package of greater value than the Silver Package an automatic $50 will be taken off any of our other party packages valued at $200+ visit Spoiled Rockin' Party Page for a full listing of our current celebration options
-package includes 6 kids and additional children may be added on for $15 (this is a $10 savings per child)
-proof of employment is required

I hope these packages can bring many families who give so much to us a little reason to SMILE!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012


What to do with your girly girl during the upcoming long weekend? Bring her to KAMP BFF at Spoiled Rockin'! Friday, February 17th and Monday, February 20th from 10:00-2:30 we will spend time celebrating individual personalities. Don't have a BFF available to come with? No problem this is a great kamp for sisters or to celebrate yourself.

Day one will start by each girl choosing themed manicures, hair dooZ, and fun make up before their accessory filled photo session with their gal pal. We will have a wide array of hats, scarves, glasses and various other props for the girls to make their photo opt all about their own personality. Girls will take a short break for lunch while photos process and return to the art room to assemble their wall photo collages. A sweet ice cream social completes day one!
Day two will begin with some collaborative "Heart Art" in each of the girls' favorite hue. (This painting was inspired by the traditional BFF necklaces, where each girl keeps a half.) Best friends will enjoy lunch while their canvases dry. After such a long morning of work BFF pedicures, facials and glitter tattoos are much deserved. Games and a runway show will complete this kamp in true rockin' style!
Kamp Costs: $80.00/day/child or $100.00 for both days per child!!! Costs cover all photo and art supplies and spa services, however we ask that parents provide a sack lunch for their child. Sibling discounts are available just ask.
Is your school not out on Friday? No biggy, we have designed a special full day kamp for you on Monday. Ask the front desk for details.
We are going to have a friend-tabulous time and would love for you to join us...reservations are required and are on a first come, first serve basis. There are only 30 slots available so get yours soon.


Friday, January 6, 2012

A Night of Princess Magic

Hear ye, hear ye attention all parents of North Alabama Royalty,
Friday, January 20th
Spoiled Rockin’ Kidz Presents….
The ROYAL Red Carpet Event…
Beauty and the Beast 3D
The fairy dust themed night will begin with all VIP princesses meeting at Spoiled Rockin’ Kidz to be treated with royal mini make-overs and twirling lessons with Belle herself before earning their very own tiara. Her chariot (limo) awaits to wisk her off to the Rave Motion Pictures where kidz will arrive at the theater in Royal Red Carpet style to enjoy a frill-filled pizza party and activities before enjoying a 3D viewing of the classic Beauty and the Beast.
Reservations go on sale Friday, January 6th at 10am and these events always sell out early so make yours’ very soon. (A non-refundable reservation fee of $34.95 is due at time of booking and the remainder at actual event.)
Fee is $49.95 and includes
*Mini Royal Make Overs * Tiara to keep *Visit with Belle *Pizza Party *Limo Ride to the Rave *3D movie admission *popcorn, candy and drinks during film
Being a princess is all about spending time with those you love! Refer a friend and your child will receive a complimentary Princess Wand as a gift from us (guest must mention your name at their time of booking).
Parents are welcome to stay during our time at SRK at no cost or join us for the limo ride and movie for a fee of $35.00 each. Parent’s fee will cover 1 movie admission and 1 limo ride only. Parents also have the option to drop their kidz off with us and have a night out for themselves. Children will need to be picked up at a designated meeting spot at the Rave after the event is complete. Parents who choose to ride in the limo to the Rave are also responsible for their own transportation home from the theater.

This is sure to be a night of precious memories! We hope to see you and your little darling there.
-Peace, love and princess magic,
Jessyca Creasy-Hurter and the SRK Family

Monday, January 24, 2011

Justin Bieber, Red Carpet Event!

Who's got Bieber Fever? Apparently my entire house and staff has caught it and a VERY bad case! I have found the medicine, but I have to warn you , side effects may make symptoms worse, ANNOUNCING......
Friday, February 18th,
SRK presents 2011's first
Red Carpet Event...
Never Say Never!!!
Kidz will meet at Spoiled Rockin' and receive movie star hair dooz and make-up (colored hair ink and tattoos for the boyz), enjoy a pumpin' pizza party and play games while they prepare their strut down the runway into their limo. Kidz will make their grand appearance at the Rave Motion Pictures in true Hollywood, red carpet style. Paparazzi is sure to be there, trying to get that million dollar shot, so make sure you are dressed to impress and don't forget those sunglasses and poker face!
Reservations are definitely required and we are already at a high sell out risk.
Fee is $49.95 per child and includes the following:
*rock star make over *pizza party *limo ride to the Rave *admission to the movie *popcorn, drink & candy during the movie
Parents are welcome to stay during our time at SRK at no cost or join us for the oh la la limo ride and movie for a fee of $22.00 each. Parent's fee will include limo ride and movie admission. Parents are also welcome to drop their kidz off with us and have a night out for themselves. Little rockers will need to be picked up at a designated meeting spot at the Rave after event is complete.
Call soon to make your reservation...489-6300. We hope to see you there!!!
-Keepin' the little people spoiled and rockin',
Jessyca Creasy-Hurter

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Safe Haircolor

Although we are a children designed salon, since opening our doors almost 2 years ago we have built a pretty impressive adult clientel. When placing an adult styling chair immediately next to our play area I knew we would have a handful of "big kid" clients, but as time has pasted we have grown into an entire family affair. Our hott momas and cool daddyo's are wanting more than a great haircut and our tweens are seeking funky highlights, so we have decided to add color services to our menu. We have welcomed an amazing color specialist to our staff and LOVE her! Our new line of professional color is Joico...the art of healthy hair. It is as safe as you can get when it comes to hair color, no heat processing required.

In the past moms have had to hire expensive babysitters and spend a small fortune to look and feel great, but those days are long gone. We have a play area and patient staff to keep the little ones entertained while you get glamorized and with highlights starting at only $24.95 we all can afford to keep our new dooz maintained. Mention this blog and get a complimentary eyebrow wax and conditioning treatment ($34.95 value) as an extra bonus!

Great demi-colors will allow our vigin-color and more cautious guest the opportunity to change their look without the full time commitment of permenant hair color. No more roots! Instead a color that will slowly fade evenly, avoiding that skunky 6 week look we have all experienced.

See below for a full color pricing and come see us soon:

Highlights up to 5 foils: $24.95
Partial highlights (on top of head and around face): $54.95
Full highlights (throughout entire head): $74.95
Full color: $59.95
Full color and highlights: $89.95
***hair past shoulder blades before coloring will be charged an additional $9.95***

People aks me all the time, "who does your hair?" and I am always proud to say the "rock fairies" at SRK of course! Call to make your appointment today 256-489-6300.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A week to celebrate momas!

This past week at Spoiled Rockin' has been very blessed, busy, and fun! We had the pleasure of meeting a family this week that touched all of our hearts and I just wanted to share them with you.

We had a typical "Party like a rockstar" birthday party package on the books for a little girl turning 5 years old. Nothing out of the ordinary, or so it seemed. When the 6 little girls showed up big eyed and anxious to play "big girl" for the day we were excited as usual to be part of the memory making for another precious little girl. Her name was Resiana and at first look you knew she must be adopted because of her beautiful dark skin and obvious ethnic heritage and her mother as light skinned and American as they come. But again nothing out of the ordinary. Until we are started singing Happy Birthday and the moma teared up. Then we found out Resiana had only been with her family for about 3 weeks and was a victum of the terrible tragedy in Hati. Her birth mother had been living on the street with Resiana, doing the best she had the means to do until she realized she could give her daughter a better future by making the ultimate sacrifice and giving her child to an American family. What a VERY brave and unselfish person this woman must have been! If only we were all a little more like her.

Resiana's new family was giving her 5 birthday parties this week to make up for the 5 birthdays she was never allowed to celebrated. How cool was it for my little shop to be choosen as one of the places to celebrate! After speaking more with Crystal, the birth mom, and reading her blog about the journey of the adoption process, I realized the lifestyle Resiana had been subject to was unimaginable. Things our society take for shampoo, warm beds, toothbrushes, mirrors, birthdays, hot showers, and even the basics such as food, were all major commodities for Resiana and her single mother.

Resiana had never in her entire 5 years on this Earth had her hair washed with shampoo, or taken even a luke warm bath, she was terrified of a soft bed and sleeping indoors. Her hair was matted and scalp torn up from the brutal elements of living outdoors. She didn't even know what the word "daddy" meant. (Even at 27, my Daddy is one of the most precious things in my life!)This is terrifying for me to think of the hundreds of thousands of children out there who think living this way is the norm, but even more scarry to me is the hundreds of thousands of people in our country alone who want to pretend these children don't exist. We all want to turn a blind eye to the terrible things happening in this world. I hear people say "our system here in the USA doesn't work. It is ridiculous how long it takes to get an American baby!" And although this is very true, these children have the same blood running through their veins and they are after all still kidz. So to me it doesn't really matter where they are or where they come from saving a child is remarkable!

It seems as if Resiana has adjusted very well to her new life here in Alabama and is one lucky little girl, but so too is the family who adopted her; she is quite a special child. The birth mother is expecting another child in July and wanted to make sure Resiana and her new sibling could grow up together so soon Crystal and her husband Slick will be adding another addition to their family in late Summer. What a fanastic, but bitter sweet gift.

Looking at Resiana, I couldn't help but to think of my own 2 girls and how I could never stand the thought of them ever going school without the perfectly matched bow with their outfit or clean shoes, so I couldn't even imagine sending them to bed hungry day after day. I can understand why singing happy birthday to her little girl would make her emotional, Crystal was thinking of what Resiana was doing on her birthday just a year ago, how hungry and cold she must have been. I do not think I will EVER sing Happy Birthday again and not be greatful. Thank you Crystal for reminding me of what is really important in this world.

To read the Resiana's entire story please visit her blog here. If you are not touched, you do not have a pulse, but warning pull out the tissue before you ever sit down.

Now off my emotional soap box, this week was a weak to celebrate motherhood and what a better way to do that then our kreative kidz "Mommy N' Me" class. We had a great turnout on Sunday and both parent and child seemed to have a blast creating something together. I know my own two girls were incredibly proud of their finished work. So here is to all the rockin' moma's out there..CHEERS!

Friday, April 30, 2010

Mommy N Me Kreative Kidz Klass

Kreative Kidz Klasses at Spoiled Rockin' Kidz Salon are hott hott hott!!! These are 2 hour sessions of kraziness where our spoiled rockers get to be the miniature Picasso's in a fun and funky environment. Each klass we use different mediums and styles; the kidz leave with their very own masterpiece and a kreatively inspired mind. The kidz light up when their works are complete. They are always so proud to leave with their very own work of art. Most of the time they already have a special place to hang them or a special person to give it to. This Summer most klasses are on Thursdays at 10am and 5pm, with a few exceptions.

We are starting off the Summer schedule with a Mommy N' Me painting. Mother and child will be completing a painting of a moma and baby owl on a tree. There are two available sessions, May 2nd at 2pm (almost sold out), and May 4th at 4pm! You can share an 11*14 canvass for $30.00 or do individual canvasses to hang next to each other for $20.00 each (this is also a great option for mothers with multiple children). We have a feminine color pallet and a masculine pallet, using bows for girls and mohawks for boys. Complimentary photo of mommy and child is included!!! BECOME A FOLLOWER OF THIS BLOG AND RECEIVE $5.00 OFF YOUR MOMMY N' ME SESSION!!!

Also around the corner are dance recitals. We have a sweet session called "TuTu Cute" children will be painting a large, flat canvass using a real tutu and fancy ribbon to hang. What a great recital gift or way to celebrate a great dance year with your dance buddies.

Every session has a twist..for example "Fany Feet" girls will be creating a flip flop piece and painting their toes while their canvasses dry, "Jelly Bean Tree" we will be serving funky jelly beans, "Ice Cream Dreams" we will eat Sundays to inspire our works of art, etc.

Here is a sneak peak at things to come, but a full Summer schedule is available online at and click on the events tab at the top.

Space is limited and reservations are required. Call or email today for more info or for more details 489-6300, or