Monday, January 24, 2011

Justin Bieber, Red Carpet Event!

Who's got Bieber Fever? Apparently my entire house and staff has caught it and a VERY bad case! I have found the medicine, but I have to warn you , side effects may make symptoms worse, ANNOUNCING......
Friday, February 18th,
SRK presents 2011's first
Red Carpet Event...
Never Say Never!!!
Kidz will meet at Spoiled Rockin' and receive movie star hair dooz and make-up (colored hair ink and tattoos for the boyz), enjoy a pumpin' pizza party and play games while they prepare their strut down the runway into their limo. Kidz will make their grand appearance at the Rave Motion Pictures in true Hollywood, red carpet style. Paparazzi is sure to be there, trying to get that million dollar shot, so make sure you are dressed to impress and don't forget those sunglasses and poker face!
Reservations are definitely required and we are already at a high sell out risk.
Fee is $49.95 per child and includes the following:
*rock star make over *pizza party *limo ride to the Rave *admission to the movie *popcorn, drink & candy during the movie
Parents are welcome to stay during our time at SRK at no cost or join us for the oh la la limo ride and movie for a fee of $22.00 each. Parent's fee will include limo ride and movie admission. Parents are also welcome to drop their kidz off with us and have a night out for themselves. Little rockers will need to be picked up at a designated meeting spot at the Rave after event is complete.
Call soon to make your reservation...489-6300. We hope to see you there!!!
-Keepin' the little people spoiled and rockin',
Jessyca Creasy-Hurter

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  1. Soooo Cute!
    Chan will Love this!
    Call me tomorrow and I'll tell ya about some "Red Carpet" details.