Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Daddy's are so much fun at SRK!!!

This past Saturday we had an odd looking appointment on the reservation said "Megan, 5 years, locks for love donation, hair to her knees". To her knees? We all discussed before our day began. We have never, in the hundred of kids we have ever seen in the shop, had a child with hair to their knees. Then I realized a dad had booked it and told the girls, oh I am sure it was an exaggeration, a man made the reservation. LOL!
When she came in her dad was super excited, but her mom seemed very unsure. I pulled the hair (note to her waist, not her knees Neal) to a low ponytail, braided it and right before I started to cut the dad asked "Can I cut it?. I was shocked, but thought to myself, what a great idea. I handed over the scissors, held my hands to guide him where to cut and Tonia was snapping pictures.
As soon as we held it up the mom started crying and walked herself to the bathroom to gather her emotions. Neal, the dad, said "someone get out the crazy glue", picking fun at the mom and we all laughed.
The photos tell it all, Megan got a fantastic new look, the parents were ecstatic and now some other little girl out there in need will receive these beautiful locks of hair to help her feel somewhat "normal" again. Spoiled Rockin' was so proud and blessed to be part of this milestone in Megan's little life. Thanks so much for choosing us!
Hugs and kisses,
Jessyca and the entire SRK family

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